Sand Springs Resident Shocked At Peeping Tom Arrest In Neighborhood

Friday, October 18th 2013, 10:21 pm
By: Tess Maune

A suspected peeping Tom was arrested Thursday. Braden Gramm is accused of spying on at least one Sand Springs woman.

Police say an alarm set off with the victim after she saw a shadow in her backyard. After that, the woman checked her security camera. Police say that video, along with many vigilant neighbors, were key in catching the suspect.

"We just hope he doesn't come back. Hopefully he'll stay away, because it's scary stuff," said Rhonda Miller.

Miller has lived in the neighborhood for several years, but she said the past few days on her street have been tense, to say the least.

"Just to know that, that could happen--you're not always as safe as you think you are anywhere," Miller said.

Earlier this week, Sand Springs Deputy Police Chief Mike Carter said a woman brought in some disturbing video caught on her backyard security camera.

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"We actually have video of the acts that were being committed, and so that is going to be an invaluable piece of this case," Carter said.

Carter said Braden Gramm was the man seen in the video.

The police report shows, Gramm admitted he saw the victim walking her dog, thought she was attractive, followed her home, jumped the fence and started spying on her.

Police said Gramm admitted to fondling himself while watching the fully dressed woman through her window at least five times.

Carter said Gramm targeted the woman in the morning, while the sun was out. He was dressed like a jogger.

"Neighbors were pulling out and seeing him, but he would just bend down and act like he was tying his shoe, like he was just jogging in the neighborhood. So it's shocking to hear. Se saw him, but we just didn't know what was going on," Miller said.

Police said they put an undercover officer in the neighborhood, and on that same morning, someone in a neighborhood near the victim's house called in to report a suspicious truck parked on the street. Carter said it was Gramm's truck.

Police arrested Gramm close by and said he was wearing the same shoes seen in the surveillance video.

Police said Gramm admitted to watching one other woman in the same neighborhood, at least one time.

Gramm did not live in the neighborhood he was targeting, Carter said. Right now, officers ask anyone who thinks they might be a victim to call police.

Court records show the victim and her roommate filed protective orders against Gramm.