Coweta Teen Rides Again Months After Terrible Motocross Crash

Tuesday, October 15th 2013, 8:28 am
By: Dave Davis

A motocross crash earlier this year has not stopped a Coweta teenager from learning to walk and ride again.

After the crash, the Brassfields thought they lost their daughter, but when doctors told Kiley Brassfield she might not be able to walk or talk again, that just motivated her even more.

Kiley Brassfield has been racing motocross since she was three; she won her first trophy when she was four. Now that she is 14, she cannot get enough of the sport.

"I love like the thrill and the competition, and being the only girl out there," said Kiley Brassfield.

Her dad and mom, Jack and Tana along with Kiley's little brother have all have been in motocross, but just because it's in their blood, doesn't mean mom doesn't get nervous.

"You put every protective measure you can, you buy everything that we're supposed to have on them and then you pray angels around them, and that's all we can do," said Tana Brassfield.

Her fears were realized on May 19, 2013 at a race in Okmulgee.

"I remember getting on my bike, going to the gate the starting line, and I remember the gate dropping, and I don't remember anything," said Kiley Brassfield.

Kiley's Motocross bike got stuck in a rut on the first jump of the second lap sending her crashing into the ground.

"I just started running. I dropped everything and just ran to her because I knew she was going down," said Tana Brassfield. "When I got to her, she was completely unconscious, her head was cocked sideways, her arms pushed in. She was in a deep snore, she wasn't breathing properly."

At the hospital, doctors told Tana and Jack that their daughter had a traumatic brain injury and a hole in her lung. And then, Kiley woke up.

"They were doing tests and stuff and I just kind of went into panic mode and was like ‘Where's my bike, what's wrong, what am I doing, where am I at?'" said Kiley Brassfield.

Her mom told her what happened and the doctors broke the news to Kiley: she may have to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, and she will never be able to ride again.

"After a couple hours, I was like, well, he says I can't so I think going to do it," said Kiley Brassfield.

From her hospital bed, she posted this Instagram. "Dear Neurosurgeon, Tell me I can't, then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong."

After three days in the Intensive Care Unit, Kiley's mother said her daughter began a miraculous recovery. The doctors couldn't explain it.

"They would come in and just be like, you know, it doesn't happen like this. This isn't what we expected. And we were kind of like, it's kind of what we expected. You know, we prayed, this is what we're believing for," said Tana Brassfield.

Fast forward to today. Kiley's walking, eating, talking and back riding motocross.

"It's a little bit of cautiousness, but it's more I'm excited. I'm excited to be back," said Kiley Brassfield.

"It's about Kiley, what is driving her inside her heart, that's more important that is what in her mom's fearing, in my heart," said Tana Brassfield.

Kiley she is thankful this happened, so she can tell others what she believes.

"People say, how come you lived, how come you're not in a wheelchair. Well, God, I couldn't have done it without him," said Kiley Brassfield.

"She inspires me; I mean she inspires me every single day. She's an amazing kid," said Tana Brassfield.

Kiley just got back from the Motocross National Championships in Branson, Missouri. That is the third time she has raced since the crash. At the Branson race, Kiley finished in second place in the Girls Division.