City Leaders, Phone Execs Urge Tulsa Drivers: Texting Can Wait

Thursday, September 19th 2013, 5:46 pm
By: Craig Day

Tulsa is one of hundreds of cities encouraging people to stop texting while diving.

Thursday was "it can wait drive for pledges" day.

A group of Tulsa leaders, emergency personnel and cell phone company representatives announced Tulsa's participation in the campaign to encourage drivers to take a pledge not to text while driving.

Tulsa Police say most wrecks in Tulsa and near misses, are due to inattentive driving.

"We've done surveys that say, 'Do you recognize this is dangerous?' 'Yes.' 'Do you do it?' 'Yes.' Stop. It can wait," said Bryan Gonterman, President of At&T Oklahoma.

Tulsa Police Officer Craig Murray said, "Texting, reading messages, and the fact is that people are crashing, dying and injuring other people."

Tulsa's event was one of 2,000 held in communities nationwide.

To find out more about the It Can Wait campaign, click here.