News On 6 Viewers Get The Jump On Crickets

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013, 10:52 am
By: News On 6

Have you noticed an increase in crickets around Green Country over the last few days? It seems to be like that over much of Green Country.

We've been getting a lot of messages about crickets.

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So what's causing the big jump in crickets? And are there more than usual or does it just seem that way?

Insect experts at Oklahoma State University say there are several reasons. Crickets lay their eggs underground, and if there are cracks in the soil or fewer predators than normal - cricket numbers can explode.

Brian Jervis with the OSU Extension service says crickets don't have a very discerning palate, they'll eat just about anything - even other crickets.

"For some reason, others sense they can feed on those dead carcasses," Jervis said.

Here's what else the experts tell us is going on: a dry spring and summer, followed by rain in August equals lots of crickets.

They are attracted to the lights and also the walls and doorways tend to amplify their chirping. It's mating season for crickets and with all this competition - the louder the better.

The good news: experts say our cricket numbers are down, and we aren't expecting to see as many this year as we did last year.

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