Sheriff: Eucha Man Arrested After Sexting Wrong Number

Friday, August 30th 2013, 10:24 pm
By: News On 6

A wrong number leads to a Delaware County man's arrest. Investigators say the man thought he was sending racy texts to a teenager girl, but they got to law enforcement instead.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office says Earl Elliott, 37, of Eucha, thought he was trying to setup a meeting with a teenager, but somehow those messages he sent were actually going to a 24-year-old man by mistake.

"As far as the suspect knows he was convinced he was talking to a 17-year-old girl," said Sheriff Harlan Moore.

Moore says Earl Elliott was arrested Wednesday for trying to send text messages to what he thought was a 17-year-old girl.

The sheriff says Elliott may have gotten the numbers mixed up and ended up chatting with a man from Jay.

"It just evolved into a day long conversation with this person," said Sheriff Harlan Moore.

Investigators say Elliot texted the man graphic sexual images and even offered drugs. Drugs so powerful he wrote, "I've got the **** that killed Elvis."

The man played along and got the Delaware County Sheriff's Office involved. Investigators were able to keep the man texting with Elliott.

Moore said Elliott asked the person on the other end of the text messages to meet at Country Boy's Convenience Store.

Instead of drugs and the chance for sex, Earl Elliott was arrested.

Investigators say they found Xanax and $5,400 in his wallet. Sheriff Harlan Moore says deputies didn't have to look far to find out they had their suspect.

"The evidence was in the texting. It came from a cellphone that we were able to identify coming from the same cellphone, the conversation went back and forth it just worked out great," said Sheriff Harlan Moore.

Elliott was released from the Delaware County Jail Thursday on a $15,000 bond.