Camelot Cancer Care Worker Changes Plea To Guilty

Friday, July 12th 2013, 2:18 pm
By: Richard Clark

The only person arrested so far in the investigation into Tulsa's Camelot Cancer Care has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Michael Kevin McDonnough, 50, pleaded guilty Friday, July 12, 2013 to a charge of interfering with federal agents.

He had originally pleaded not guilty and was set to stand trial on Monday. He changed his plea to guilty in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

McDonnough was arrested when agents with the FDA and the FBI executed a search warrant at the clinic in April. McDonnough told the judge he had left the office when the search began, but then returned to retrieve his personal items.

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One of the items was a laptop computer. McDonnough told the judge an agent confronted him when he tried to leave with the computer but he kept going and agents took him to the ground and handcuffed him.

McDonnough's attorney says his client is a contractor who works for a company other than Camelot Cancer Care.

McDonnough is set to be sentenced on October 15, 2013. He faces up to a year in prison, but neither prosecutors nor his defense attorney would comment on the details of the plea agreement.

McDonnough's attorney did say he hopes to get the judge to deviate from sentencing guidelines and give his client probation.

In the meantime, the case has left patients of the center in limbo. Camelot Cancer Care owner Maureen Long says the government has taken her patients' money.

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The government has confiscated $125,000 from the Camelot Trust and is asking a judge to order Camelot to forfeit it.

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