News On 6 Editors Pick Top 6 Stories Of 2012

Monday, December 31st 2012, 7:52 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma saw its share of triumph and tragedy in 2012. From the raging wildfires in Creek County to the rebirth of Tulsa's Brady Arts District, Oklahomans have shown a willingness to come together when neighbors need them most and the ability to look forward to the future.

Editors picked the top six stories of the year that aired on News On 6.

Drought and Wildfires

From watching the temperature climb to 112 in the summer to 70-degree days in December, the heat in 2012 wreaked havoc on Sooner soil.

It combined with the extreme drought to turn Green Country brown and fueled August wildfires in Creek County and burn almost 400 homes.

Nearly 60,000 acres went up in flames, as strong winds whipped smoke from 13 simultaneous fires.

Sky News 6 was joined by Black Hawks in the air as the U.S. Army National Guard made emergency water drops and assisted 40 fire departments on the ground.

Barnard Elementary burns

A fire closed the final chapter on a school that had been with Tulsa for nearly 100 years.

A lab blaze at the old Barnard Elementary -- and then-home to the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences -- injured 6 firefighters and sent two to the hospital.

All made a full recovery.

Good Friday shootings

The nation turned its eyes to Tulsa after a shooting spree on Good Friday.

Prosecutors believe Jake England and Alvin Watts acted together, targeting black people in shootings that claimed three lives and injured two others.

Prosecutors say black people were targeted because England's father was killed by a black man back in 2010.

American Airlines

American Airlines' parent company navigated turbulent times in bankruptcy for much of 2012.

Back and forth negotiations and employees taking "early out" offers helped whittle 2,100 potential job losses down to 140 in Tulsa.

City of Tulsa trash service

It was the biggest change to Tulsa's trash service in nearly 3 decades...

The city rolled out brand new CNG trucks and trash carts back in July as Tulsa took a major step toward going green.

Brady Arts District revitalization

The opening of the Guthrie Green downtown celebrated the ongoing development of Tulsa's Brady Arts District.

The park sits across the street from the future home of News on 6, just one of the many new additions in Tulsa growing downtown.

These were six stories from 2012 that kept you viewers watching. Some will stretch into the new year, and others will make 2012 a year many Oklahomans will never forget.'s Most Watched Videos Of 2012

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