Tulsa Police Standoff Ends, Search On For Suspect

Sunday, December 9th 2012, 8:57 am
By: Dee Duren

Tulsa police ended an almost 8-hour standoff at a home on the south side of town after shots were fired inside the residence. A 29-year-old man was believed to be inside the home, but when officers made entry shortly after 10 a.m., the suspect was gone.

They are searching for 29-year-old Jordan Watt. He is described as a white male, 5'7" tall and 140 pounds.

The standoff started at about 2:30 a.m. in the 3400 block of 66th Street, just east of Harvard, according to Officer Leland Ashley with the Tulsa Police Department.

Officers say Watt, his wife and infant son have been living there with Watt's father.

Police say the father and son got into an argument, and the son pointed a handgun at his father then fired two rounds into an interior wall of the home. Officers were called after the father left the residence.

"Officers initially spoke on the phone with the suspect, who said he was going to cooperate," Officer Ashley said.  Ashley said there was a short period of time when officers first arrived that Watt could have left through the back door, and that's what they believe happened.

"We were not in a position that we could have rushed in and caused anyone harm," Ashley said at the scene.

Police are treating the call as a shooting with intent to kill, Ashley said in a news release.

When officers arrived, they saw the taillights of a vehicle inside the garage and the garage door going down.

Special Operations Team members were called to the scene, and they fired a flashbang or stun grenade into the house just before 7 a.m., according to officials at the scene. The wife then left the house, carrying the 3-month-old baby. Both were unharmed.

She has been interviewed by police.

"We're still actively looking for the individual at this time," Ashley said. Police believe Watt left the home on foot.