Cold Tonight, Followed by a Warming Trend.

Monday, November 26th 2012, 8:00 pm
By: News On 6

It has been a pretty cool day today as the max/min temperature map on the right clearly shows. The cloudy skies and gusty northerly winds made it feel even cooler during the day, but those skies are clearing now that the sun has gone down and the winds will also be subsiding. That means a cold night tonight with morning lows generally in the low-mid 20s to start the day on Tuesday. There might even be a few upper teens in the normally colder valley locations during the early morning hours.

Tuesday will be on the chilly side although the abundant sunshine and light winds will certainly make it feel much more pleasant. Tuesday night will also be cold with temperatures below freezing again, but after that things start warming back up. In fact, look for temperatures to be back above normal by Wednesday afternoon and stay that way for the rest of the week and right on through the coming weekend.

A return to southerly winds at the surface and a more zonal, or west to east, wind flow aloft will keep any additional cold air intrusions well north of us. That pattern is not only a warm one for us, but also typically a dry one. That is not to say that there is no chance of rain, just that there will only be a minimal chance of any shower activity and what does occur would be very light. Those gusty southerly surface winds will eventually bring moisture our way from the Gulf of Mexico, but the lack of any systems aloft to tap into that low level moisture will result in just a lot of cloudiness and only a very few, very light showers.

For example, by this coming weekend we will likely have mostly cloudy skies with a low level stratus deck streaming this way from the Gulf of Mexico. That will make it look like lots of rain, but we are keeping the chances at less than 20% due to the lack of upper level support. That same combination of gusty southerly winds and low level clouds will also result in very mild temperatures. In fact, our morning lows by the weekend will likely be close to what our normal daytime highs are for this time of year. With such a warm start, our days will also be quite warm, although the cloud cover will keep a lid on temperatures to a certain extent. Even so, look for daytime highs to be near 70 or more over the course of the weekend.

So, our current cool-down will be a brief one which will be followed by an extensive period of much above normal temperatures extending at least through the coming weekend and quite possibly well beyond that.

In the meantime, stay tuned and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot