911 Caller In Best Buy Shooting Talks About Ordeal

Thursday, July 19th 2012, 6:13 pm
By: Craig Day

A customer inside the store at the time of the deadly shooting at the Best Buy store on Skelly Drive last weekend is relieved arrests have been made.

Carey, from Tulsa, called 911 for help during the shooting.

She said when the shooting started, she never felt so many emotions at one time in her life.

"We didn't see anything. We heard seven to eight gunshots near the front doors of the store,"

"We heard pow-pow-pow-pow-pow, and it echoed in the front of the store. It was so loud," Carey said.

She doesn't want her last name used, but it's Carey's voice you hear on one of the 911 calls, moments after Saturday's shooting at the Best Buy store on Skelly.

"And we're on the floor and we don't know what to do," Carey said.

At the store with friends, checking out video games, she said she couldn't believe what was happening.

"I hit the floor. Immediately, just instinctively, I was down," she said.

The shooting left two men dead and dozens of shoppers terrified.

Carey said it was the scariest ordeal she's ever been through.

"Our heart, we thought it was going to come out of our chests we were so scared," Carey said.

Police believe the gunman targeted Scott Norman, who was killed in the parking lot.

But, 58-year-old Wesley Brown was also killed by a random bullet as he was shopping for his wife with his daughter.

Carey said she experienced terror, disbelief, heartache, all at once, and also anger toward the gunman.

"Total disregard for anyone else there," Carey said.

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Carey said she is thankful that two people have now been arrested in the Best Buy shootings.

"We realized that day, it could have been any one of us," Carey said.

She said there will be lingering shock and disbelief over what happened at the store that day, but also lasting feelings about life.

"Everyday is precious," she said. "And it's so important to love and be as happy as you can be."

Carey said she's very thankful for the job Tulsa Police did just after the Best Buy shooting, and during their investigation.