New Product Claims To Keep Lawns Moist With Less Watering

Sunday, July 8th 2012, 10:35 pm
By: Tess Maune

The lack of rain is putting a strain on plenty of water bills as people try to keep their yards lush and green. But now there's a new product on the market that's made to help residents water less, while still maintaining the right amount of moisture.

It's the sound of summer: Sprinklers working overtime to make up for months with very little rain.

"We're watering twice a week, in each zone, for an hour. Right now and in some areas we're watering a little bit more," said manager at All Sports Complex, Jeff Higgins.

Seven baseball diamonds are now being used as soccer fields at All Star Sports Complex. That means more turf, more maintenance, and more money.

"It's been a lot of water and a lot of high water bills the last two summers. So anything to reduce that down will be definitely a benefit," Higgins said.

So this summer, Higgins is trying something new to slash that spending: Ready Play's Field Magic, a moisture retention product that's being used by teams like the Yankee's, Rockies and even the Driller's.

David Rollandini, a sales rep with AquaSmart Enterprises, the company that created the product, says it works just as well in the backyard.

"It's an advanced technology that we have patented that absorbs the water up to 12 times its weight and then gradually releases that water and nutrients back into the root system of the plant," Rollandini said.

Here's how it works, the sand here is superabsorbent, so when you pour a little water on it, it sort of turns into this slimy, sludgy substance, which ultimately retains water and aims to save users time and money.

"Places that water every single day or multiple times a day are able to cut back to once or twice a week," said Rollandini.

Rollandini says it can save consumers anywhere from 40 to 70 percent on their water bill, while still getting the maximum benefit from every drop water used.

The cost is about $50 for a 40 pound bag, which is good for a thousand square feet. It applies a lot like Fertilizer, you just need a spreader and you should only have to apply the product once a year.