Dick Faurot Has Good And Bad News About The Heat This Summer

Friday, June 22nd 2012, 10:33 pm
By: Tess Maune

Just two days into the official start to summer, and we're already bracing for triple digit temperatures.

And after last year's record-breaking heat, some are worried what this summer has in store.

As far as this summer goes, according to the News on 6's Dick Faurot, there's some good news and some bad news.

Summer may be off to a hot start, but with a triple digit forecast over the weekend, the real heat is still looming.

"It got hot pretty early this year, but so far, I mean this is downright pleasant compared to last summer," Jill Rogers said.

Last summer, Oklahoma went down in history.

"Last summer was such an anomaly—hottest summer ever, not only for the state, but for any state in the whole United States," said Faurot.

"I think that the heat that we had for over a month of 100 degrees; it was unbearable," said Chrystian Syzmanski.

There were parts of the state that suffered through practically a whole summer of triple digit temperatures—more than 100 days.

The last time Tulsa experienced such intense heat was back in 1980, with 58 triple digit days.

"But the two summers before that were 1934 and 1936, and 1936 was 65 triple digit days," said Faurot.

There have also been several summers with no 100-degree days. The last was in 2004.

"Doesn't happen too often—about every 10 or 15 years—but it does happen with some degree of regularity," said Faurot.

So the million dollar question: Will we face yet another sweltering summer?

Our Dick Faurot says "Yes," and "No."

"Is it gonna be hot this summer? Sure. Like last summer? I would be extremely surprised if that were to occur," said Faurot.

An answer we'll just have to live with.