Fireworks Stand Benefiting Families Of Soldiers Forced To Move

Friday, June 22nd 2012, 4:50 pm
By: Craig Day

A crew put up a fireworks tent Friday, in Broken Arrow, on 129th on the Southwest side of the Creek Turnpike.

The money raised from the stand will go to a special fund to help soldiers in need, or to pay for things like retirement plaques or flowers for the families of fallen soldiers.

"Otherwise, these things just wouldn't get paid for," said Rhonda Jeffries, who is the wife of a soldier.

Originally, the members of the 279th guard unit had hoped to be on a vacant lot on West Main in Jenks, next to Dove Ministry, where there is plenty of traffic, and visibility.

But the Jenks planning commission rejected the fireworks suppliers' temporary use permit.

"Since we didn't run the stand last year, we didn't get first choice," said Jeffries.

That's disappointing to Jeffries.

"Everything had been planned for that location, we had all of our power set up, we had everything working like it was supposed to," said Jeffries.

A fireworks stand has been allowed to operate at the location in the past under a waiver, but the city rejected the request this year, because the site doesn't meet new city specifications, like easy access and a paved surface.

The city also says Dove Ministry has expressed ongoing safety concerns with customers parking in their lot.

The change of location left volunteers scrambling.

"If we could have known weeks in advance it would have been no problem," said Jeffries.

The volunteers have the new location, but they're now rushing to open by Monday, and hoping people will travel a little out of their way to support a good cause.

Jeffries said, "All of the tents and fireworks stands are usually run by charities and they're all good causes, but this one is special."