City Of Tulsa Announces New Trash Service

Monday, June 18th 2012, 7:04 pm
By: News On 6

The city announced changes to Tulsa's trash service that will mean residents' trash will be picked up once a week instead of twice a week.

Until Monday afternoon the city didn't have anyone to fill in the gap between the current contractor's service ending on July 1 and the new contractor starting on October 1.

Since the city's current trash contract expires at the end of the month. the trash board decided to bring its new hauler, NeWSolutions, on board a little sooner. Services will change, as well, starting July 1, and rates will decrease until the new plan starts October 1.

"This way we guarantee that your trash will be picked up and there will be as little change in your normal day to day lives as possible and it will probably help us segue into the new system a lot easier," said TARE chairwoman Cheryl Cohenour.

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Less pick up means you'll be paying less per month.

For the summer months, curbside trash services will be reduced to $10.52 per month.

Tulsa resident, Linda Marshall is not happy with the change.

"I would rather pay a little more and get twice a week service," Marshall said. "I just hope that if we're changed to once a week that they get us once a week because once every two weeks won't be any good."

Although many are against this once a week pick-up, there are some who don't mind.

"Once a week is fine for us. There's two of us and we don't have a lot of trash, so that works fine," said Tracy Teel.

You can go to the City of Tulsa's trash web site to find a map showing the new collections zones and the pick-up days.

Residents will still be required to bag all trash, whether or not they are using their own trash receptacle.

There will be no recycling plan during the interim period until residents receive and start using their new recycling carts.

The city said residents can call, (918) 596-9777, to speak with a live operator if they have any questions.