Rogers County Trio Busted For Hitting 'Licks'

Monday, June 18th 2012, 5:45 pm
By: News On 6

Sheriff's deputies and one off-duty Tulsa County deputy worked together Friday night to catch some people pulling off what they called "hit licks."

A witness first noticed some people break into a neighbor's vehicle and then take off running down the street.

While setting up a perimeter to catch the accused thieves, Sheriff's deputies received a call from dispatch, informing them that an off-duty Tulsa County deputy was behind a suspicious green Jeep. He said the vehicle had stopped, and four people had gotten out and started walking toward his vehicle.

Rogers Country deputies responded to his location on 145th East Avenue, just north of Highway 20.

Deputies said they questioned a 17-year-old who told deputies that his friend said, "Let's hit licks." They said, when asked what that meant, the juvenile said, "You know, go find cars that aren't locked and steal stuff."

Three men were arrested: Micah Jared Edens, 18, and Tyler Keith Simpson, 19, both of Sand Springs, and Johnathon Aron Palomo, 20, of Tulsa.

All three were arrested there and transported to Rogers County Jail.

They were all charged with conspiracy and second degree burglary, while Simpson was also charged with obstructing an officer.