Drought Persists in Oklahoma

Thursday, June 14th 2012, 3:12 pm
By: News On 6

While parts of the state have seen a bounty of rain, much of Green Country is poised to turn brown if we don't see any in the rain bucket soon. We have yet to fall under what we call a "death ridge" where no storm system can penetrate (thank goodness), but our temperatures are more becoming more typical of mid-summer. That kind of heat with an added southerly wind can dry out the ground in a hurry.

The latest Drought Monitor (shown above) keeps about 53% of Oklahoma in at least an abnormally dry state. That's actually an improvement from last week, but most of that was seen out west. From Highway 412 or so to the south, we are dry and need a nice soaking rainfall to alleviate the impending drought. Even the Panhandle is doing better with several rounds of rain to improve the drought situation.

Despite a fairly monotonous, dry, hot forecast, there is some hope of rain in the near-term. In fact, tonight, a complex of storms may form in Kansas. If it takes a southerly route, it could bring thunderstorms to northern sections of Green Country during the early morning hours Friday. These complexes often are just what the doctor orders for drought. It provides a long-lasting, heavy rainfall with rain totals greater than an inch. However, the computer models are not in accord with this system so there is doubt whether or not we will see any rain. If it does, gusty winds, hail, torrential rainfall, etc can be expected!

Rain chances dwindle this weekend into early next week. We'll lie at the southernmost fringe of an active upper-level pattern so we'll be hard-pressed to see much head our way until the midweek period. It's too bad since we'll have the moisture pumping in from the Gulf during this time. If it's going to be so muggy, you would hope we'd get some rain out of the matter! Alas, that's often our luck as we enter summer.

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