Stokely Changes Wild Mustang Sign At BA And 169 In Tulsa

Wednesday, June 6th 2012, 12:34 pm
By: News On 6

It has an iconic spot on the Tulsa visual landscape, that long mural on the Broken Arrow Expressway as it exits onto U.S. Highway 169.

For 17 years it has been a picture of wild mustangs. Not anymore, the Stokely company is in the process of changing the mural.

I wonder if the folks driving along the Broken Arrow Expressway were as surprised as I was to see the new mural at the U.S. Highway 169 exit off the BA Expressway.

It used to be horses now its signs.

"That's what we do, is signs," said Sam Stokely.

Stokely is showing off the new mural. It is a montage of antique signs.

They started the changeover a couple of weeks ago, and still have a ways to go. Here's the best part, all the signs in the mural are part of their collection of old signs which is hiding in plain view just on the other side of the big mural.

"The funniest part is to see other people's expression," said Sam Stokely.

Most of them are inside the Stokely Event Center at 10111 East 45th Place.

Look at all of them, they restore them and hang them up for folks who use the event center to enjoy. The original Coney Island restaurant downtown, the old Route 66 motel sign, they found that one in a field in the weeds.

"Have you seen the ones standing up, the original Lolly Pops, I think there are 25 of them," said Sam Stokely.

Some of these old companies don't exist anymore. Some have merged.

"You know I still have the yellow marker in the barn, 16 and a half cents for a gallon of gas, when would that be, like the 20's?" said Sam Stokely.

Some of the signs include the Pepsi sign and the party place sign they hung at Bell's.

Out front, the signs from Swinney Hardware and the Metro Diner. Imagine the stories that get told about those two places.

If you are interested in the event center, they of course have a website, its