Claremore Residents Say Storm Was 'Nightmare On Flood Street'

Tuesday, June 5th 2012, 12:33 am
By: News On 6

Storms unleashed floods on two Green Country communities early Monday.

The quick downpour that swept through Claremore dumped nearly 4 inches on the town.

Some are calling it "Nightmare on Flood Street."

After Mother Nature opened the sky and poured on the town of Claremore, residents are left picking up the pieces.

Susan Pomraning said she was in her bedroom when she heard water running through the house.

Her first instinct was to get out.

"I opened that door to the car port and the water came rushing over my head like the Titanic, knocked me on the ground and I flew against the wall and I crawled to the chair and I pulled myself up," flood victim Susan Pomraning said.

The homes on Archer Court sit right in harm's way.

Pomraning said even though she lives in a flood zone, she didn't think it was raining hard enough to cause this much damage.

"Everything is destroyed," Pomraning said. "It was just like somebody had a fire hose and pointing it at my door and it was just rushing all over the place."

Nearly a foot and a half of water got inside three duplexes.

Maintenance crews spent the day moving furniture, pulling up carpet and trying to dry out the homes.

"It's a big bummer," Mike Fagnan said. "It's just real difficult. It's a natural tragedy, so it's hard; but we're just going to try to get through it."

Fagnan has only lived here for two months.

"I came out and looked and the water was almost all the way up to the window seal and starting to come in through the cracks of the doors and flooded the whole house," Fagnan said. "It was insane."

Pomraning was frightened, but counts herself lucky.

"It was really scary, but I'm okay," she said. "Everything seems to be wet, but other than that, I'm all right. It's a life experience. I'll give it that."

The property owner says it will take about a week until people are able to live in their homes again.

Red Cross was also on hand to help the families.

They put three of them in hotels.

The other three are staying with family members.