High Water Closes Tulsa Streets, State Highway

Monday, March 19th 2012, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

High waters have closed two Tulsa Streets and shut down Oklahoma Highway 16 in Wagoner County.

Riverside Drive at the Pedestrian Bridge, between 21st and 31st, and 81st Street east of Elwood are both closed to traffic.

City of Tulsa had to shut down Riverside because of the river of rain that formed under the pedestrian bridge. City leaders say construction in that area contributed to the high water.

High water also forced the closure of state Highway 16, 2 miles north of Okay in Wagoner County. 

Tulsa County has also closed Memorial Drive at 181st Street South because of standing water.

The Streets and Storm water Dept. has a list of frequently-flooded intersections, or flash flood areas that will continue to be monitored, but only two areas have been closed at this time:

E. 56 St. N. (East of N. Memorial Dr.)
2700 N. Garnett
N. Garnett Rd. (Between Pine & Apache)
1700 N. Mingo Rd.
100 N. Garnett
129 E. Ave. at I-44
19803 E. 11th St.
6200 E. 11th St. (Between Lakewood & Oxford)
E. 56 St. N. (East of US 75)
4100 N. Lewis (Between Mohawk Dr. & 45 St. N.)
N. Lewis (At Burling RR Underpass, 1000 blk North)
S. 129 E. Ave. (Between 36th St. & 39th St.)
E. 101 St. & S. Granite Ave.
7400 E. 101 St.
121 St. & S. Yale Ave.
S. Sheridan Rd. (Between 121st and 131st)
S. Sheridan Rd & E. 43rd St.
2200 E. 21 St.
E. 31st & S. Yale
6500-6700 S. Lewis
W. 81st St., East of Elwood
S. Elwood Ave at W. 86th St.
E. 64th St. & S. Peoria

As you drive around on Tuesday, the flooding threat will only get worse. Standing water on the highways will continue to cause vehicles to hydroplane and barricades put up by local officials are there for a reason.

Most flood deaths are caused by people trying to drive through high water or people playing in high water.

The city reports no significant rain-related problems due to the rainfall. The rain has come in intermittently, causing the drains to not become overwhelmed.