Tulsa App Developer Plays The 'Trump' Card

Friday, November 4th 2011, 10:44 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Tulsa company is on the cutting edge of a multi-billion dollar industry.

And while some companies are pulling their chips off the table and folding, this one is playing the Trump card.

If it's the apps that give your smart phone it's I-Q, then a Tulsa company is one of the brains behind the technology.

They're your guardian, They help you find a safe place, cheer on your team, and they're even lighting the way for stroke patients

"It's been proven that it works and we see it in our patients every day," said Julie Beaulieu of the OK Vision Development Center.

These are all apps from a small Tulsa company called Macrosolve.

"In the business domain, in the technology domain, clearly Macrosolve is one of those hidden treasures," said Steve Signoff, Macrosolve CEO.

Macrosolve is no new kid on the block. The company has been around for almost 15 years making mobile applications long before iPads and iPhones.

"The history of the company is to be innovators and they've been innovating in the mobile app space for a long time, often times ahead of the market," Signoff said.

Now the market seems to have come to them. With the rise of smart phones and other mobile technology, the app biz stands to be a $17-billion industry.

"Macrosolve is enjoying being part of an industry that is absolutely exploding."

The company keeps rolling out new apps, hiring workers, and expanding. It recently inked a deal with a big name in business.

"We've recently signed a marketing agreement with Donald Trump, Jr.," Signoff said.

Macrosolve has built an internal app to boost productivity and profits for Trump's vast empire.

"That means more growth for us. That means growth for Tulsa, and that means we're actually looking for people. Hiring in Tulsa, despite what's going on in the rest of the economy, we're on a growth plan," Signoff said.

So if there was a recession-proof app, this company might have it at its fingertips.