Tulsa Police Find Six Fire Bombs In Man's Car

Friday, October 28th 2011, 1:13 pm
By: News On 6

Emory Bryan and NewsOn6.com

UPDATE: News On 6 was told by a police department spokesperson that the 58-year-old man who had six fire bombs in his car Friday would not be charged with any crimes; however, we have learned that the man is in Tulsa County Jail on three complaints: fourth degree arson, making a bomb threat and possessing explosives.

Robbin Evan Elsman of Tulsa is being held on a $70,000 bond.

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police found incendiary devices in a car after a man threatened to burn down the city of Tulsa. 

Police say a middle-aged man entered the Riverside Division Friday morning threatening to burn down the city. He told officers he had some bombs in his car - and had a plan to use them.

Firefighters and the bomb squad responded - and found the man had six bottles filled with fuel in the trunk of his car.

"Turns out he had a box of Molotov cocktails," said Sergeant Gary Neece, Tulsa Police Department. "He made some statement that he wanted to set the City of Tulsa on fire, but he wanted to come into our station first."

The bomb squad worked on a chemical analysis of what was in the bottle while police kept the man in custody and questioned him about his plans. The six bottles turned out to be filled with gasoline.

Officers determined the man was more likely mentally unstable than intent on causing any harm.

"Since his initial statements, he hasn't really said anything else, and he hasn't been talking much," Neece said.

"I don't really know what his intent was, if he really intended on carrying through with it or not, and he's not really answering questions at this point."

It took police about an hour to figure out what they were dealing with and for the fire department to get it cleaned up.

The man was to be taken for an emergency mental health evaluation. Police did not release the man's name because he was not arrested, according to Officer Jason Willingham.

TPD's Riverside Division office is located at 7515 South Riverside Drive.