Police Investigate Internet Scam Using Stolen Oklahoma Credit Cards

Tuesday, October 25th 2011, 5:16 pm
By: News On 6


SPENCER, Oklahoma – Spencer police are investigating what appears to be a well organized internet mail order scam where stolen credit cards from several people in Oklahoma are being used to purchase products online, and another man in Spencer is re-shipping the merchandise to Russia.

According to Virgil Green, Chief of Police with the Spencer Police Department, an Enid, Oklahoma man reported his credit card was used to buy some merchandise online, and the items were shipped to a house in Spencer. The victim said he hadn't made any internet purchases and didn't know how his credit card was used to buy these products.

Chief Green said police officers then went to the address in Spencer and learned the homeowner's husband had been given an internet job where he was receiving mail orders, and re-shipping them to Russia. The man stated that he had placed his resume on a local website for employment and was offered a job receiving packages that would be sent to his home.

The man said once the packages were shipped to him, he would be notified by email, and he would receive shipping labels online. Then he would re-ship the products to another address where all of these items were being sent to, according to police.

Police said a UPS driver arrived at the house while they were there Friday morning, and unloaded eight ATV tires and a snow winch.

Chief Green stated none of the shipped merchandise was to the homeowner it was shipped in the name of the stolen credit card holder. Police also discovered a person from Tulsa and a man from Midwest City whose credit cards were used to buy products online.

Police believe this is an elaborate credit card scam that involves a lot of people who have no idea their credit cards are being used to purchase products online, and all of these products are being shipped overseas.

According to police, the man who was re-shipping all the products in Spencer did not know what he was involved in. Police said at this point, the man and his wife are not suspects in the case and are working with investigators.

Chief Green said a phrase most common used with these types of case are "mules". These people do not know that a stolen credit card has been used to buy the products over the internet, and their names and address are being used to ship the stolen goods. They are told they will be paid so much to re-ship the merchandise out of the country.

According to police, since the only communication the man had with the people involved in the scam is through the internet, at this point, police only have an email address for the possible suspect.

Police said officials with the Spencer Police Department have contacted the Oklahoma Division of the United States Postal Inspector about the credit card scam.