Berryhill Chiefs Carry Hair-Raising Superstition

Thursday, July 28th 2011, 5:24 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Dec 3, 2009 8:40 PM CDT

Bobby Lewis
Oklahoma Sports Reporter

BERRYHILL, Oklahoma – Athletes are notoriously superstitious. Many baseball players avoid touching the chalk line when taking the field before a game. Some basketball players put on their shoes and socks in a certain order. Guys and girls in other sports carry good luck charms, or wear special necklaces to help them get in the zone before a big game. There are hundreds of cases of wacky sports-related routines and gimmicks out there.

Add the 2009 Berryhill Chiefs’ hair cuts to the list of quirky superstitions.

Just days before the 3A state championship game against Cascia Hall, the Chiefs buzzed the idea of shaving their heads, the original preseason plan if they made it this far in the playoffs, and opted to dye their hair the color of the trophy their pursuing.

“We decided to color them for the gold ball and it looks like the gold ball kind of,” said senior quarterback Tyler Brown. “In 2004 when we won state, they all did something special all together, so we all did it just to keep the tradition going. Hopefully it will (bring us good luck).”

Luck may or may not have anything to do with your hairdo, but the Chiefs may need as much luck as they can get heading into Friday night’s championship matchup with the Commandos.

Cascia Hall is the reigning 3A top-dog and won the 2A crown in 2007. After the helmets go on, covering up their new-hue-dos, the Chiefs will have a battle on their hands Friday night.

“I’m not sure if they do anything specific that makes it hard to beat them,” said senior guard Jesse Nabros. “They are just always ready to go.”

“They’re a good team,” said Berryhill head coach Pat Harper. “It’s been a great rivalry for the past 12, 14 years since I’ve been here. They do a great job. It should be a great matchup.”

Their Week 5 matchup swayed Cascia’s way. The Commandos 24-6 win dropped Berryhill to 2-2 early in the season.

They Chiefs haven’t lost since.

“We had some challenges, some pretty tough games,” said Nabros. “We’ve grown up together. We’ve been playing football together since third grade. We have a strong bond with each other.”

That bond could lead Berryhill to this year’s 3A state final. If not, just blame it on the hair.

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