Seared Ahi Tuna, Asian Slaw And Scallop-Shrimp Stack

Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 2:44 pm
By: News On 6

Seared Ahi tuna

1ea Ahi tuna steak (4-4 ½oz piece)

2oz blackened seasoning, Paul Prudhommes magic blackened seasoning

Using gloved hands, coat the tuna with ½oz blacken seasoning on each side, shake off excess

Heat a large cast iron skillet to smoke point

Place tuna in skillet & cook for 1 minute (15 seconds per side)

Using tongs to rotate 90 deg after 15 seconds

Remove from skillet

Allow to rest for 2 minutes

Pass to salad station for slicing & plating

Asian slaw for Ahi tuna appetizer

Ingredients:                                                                                         Yield:

Red cabbage, shredded 3/16"                                                               1 ½#

Green cabbage, shredded 3/16"                                                           2 ½#

Lemon juice, fresh squeezed                                                                ¾cup (6oz)

Soy sauce, Kikkoman                                                                             ¼cup (2oz)

Mirin, Kikkoman                                                                                     ½cup (4oz)

Green onions, sliced ¼"                                                                          1 cup (2oz)

Granulated sugar, Imperial                                                                   ½cup (4oz)

Pickled ginger, Roland                                                                           ½ cup (4oz)

Furikake (Asian seasoning)                                                                   1T (1/8oz)

Siracha (Thai chili sauce)                                                                      1T (¼oz)

Roasted cashews, Planters                                                                     12oz

Sesame oil, Roland                                                                                 ¼cup (2oz)

Dried cherries                                                                                       2 cups (13oz)


1)    In a china cap, drain the ginger for 2 minutes

2)   Remove ginger & cut into 1/8" pieces

3)   Using gloved hands, combine red & green cabbage into large stainless steel mixing bowl & lightly toss

4)   Add lemon juice, soy sauce , Mirin, green onions, sugar, pickled ginger, Furikake, Siracha, roasted cashews, sesame oil & dried cherries

5)   Using gloved hands mix thoroughly, make sure all the cabbage is coated ( no dry spots)

6)   Using tongs & gloved hands, transfer slaw mix into a 8qt plastic cambro

7)   Cover with airtight lid

8)   Label, date, rotate & store in walk-in on prepared vegetable shelf

9)   Shelf life is 2 days

Yield is 8#

Scallop & shrimp stack

3ea scallops, U-10

3ea shrimp, 10/15ct

1/2oz salt, pepper & granulated garlic (mixed)

1 1/2oz olive oil, Roland's

4ea asparagus, grilled (sub recipe)

1/4oz tortilla strips, fried

1/2oz shallots, minced

1/2oz garlic, minced

1oz lemon juice

1oz white wine, Regina

1/2oz kosher salt

4oz unsalted butter, cubed

1oz radish sprouts