So you think you got it right?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:34 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Mar 15, 2011 9:23 PM CDT

So you think you can win? No. People like my wife win and there is no rhyme or reason. Here are a few musings from outbracket conversation this evening: To set the scene, I was filling out the bracket for her over the phone. The tran

Bobby: George Mason or Villanova?

Juslin: I don't know. Where are they located?

BL: George Mason's near Washington D.C. and Villanova is in Philadelphia

JL: Hmm.Declaration of Independence or the President. (pause, presumably for deep thought) George Mason.

BL: Louisville or Vanderbilt.

JL: Oh Vandy. Wait! What colors are they?

BL: (chuckles) Vandy is black and gold. Louisville is red and white.

JL: Oh, then Louisville. Although, black and gold are nice.

BL: UCLA or Michigan State?

JL: Michigan.

BL: Just so you know, it's not Michigan, it's Michigan State.

JL: Is Michigan State the blue and gold team?

BL: No, that's regular Michigan. Michigan State is green and white.

JL: Oh, well I want the other one then.


JL: Yeah.

BL: Okay, Kansas State or Wisconsin?

JL: What are their mascots?

BL: Kansas State is the Wildcats and Wisconsin is the Badgers.

JL: Wildcats? Psh. I'm going with the Badgerrrrrrrrrs. (said with the same, intense vigor as the Miami PA announcer after a 3-pointer byDwayne Wade.)

BL: Michigan or Tennessee?

JL: What are their numbers? (seeds)

BL: Tennessee is #9and Michgan is #8. (pause) So you know, this is the Michigan that's blue and gold.

JL: Then, Michigan.

You can analyze these match ups all you want to. Your basketball knowledge is useless. People like my wife have had more success in this yearly guessing game than I could ever hope for. It's pointless. This stupid tournament turns us all into zombies. All I want is to succeed and not feel like I'm copping out by putting all the #1s in the Final Four.

FYI: Her Final Four is Ohio State, Duke, Florida and Kansas. Duke over FL in the title game. Bet she's right.