The Olu-Coaster

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:32 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jan 18, 2011 10:29 PM CDT

Hopefully for the Cowboys, the JP Olukemi rollercoaster has found the thrill ride going up is much better than the downer he experienced in College Station.&#160; Teams (starting Wednesday with Iowa State) will certainly try to take away driving lanes from the talented juco transfer, but Travis Ford and his staff saw something in Colorado they think they can go back to time and again.&#160; Down the stretch in Boulder, with a seemingly gassed team around him, Olukemi attacked, scored and kept the Cowboys in a game they had let slip.</p>So the key for Jean-Paul?&#160; No more College Station rides.&#160; Keep that slow and steady climb and let the rest of the Cowboys hang on.&#160; He&rsquo;s the only real go-to guy on the roster who can get his own shot- big enough to muscle opposing guards, quick enough to get past bigger forwards (or shoot over them from long range).</p>Yes, Marshall Moses and Keiton Page are needed offensively.&#160; Matt Pilgrim needs to find the form he showed down the stretch last season.&#160; Ray Penn needs more of the consistency shown in the final four minutes of the win over Kansas State.</p>All of the preceding is necessary for the Cowboys to contend, but Olukemi&rsquo;s positive play is what will likely mean the difference between a 3rd straight NCAA Tournament berth...or something else.</p><br/>