Oh To Be Jim Harbaugh

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:31 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jan 6, 2011 8:20 PM CDT

What must it be like to be Jim Harbaugh?  Like Brooklyn Decker.  Like LeBron James last summer.  Like Tom Hanks in the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s.  Everybody wants you and each is willing to pay millions to have you work for them.

So where would you go if you were the current Stanford coach?

Michigan?  He played there.  But it’s not as great as it once was.  Cold climate, somewhat difficult to recruit to. 

49ers?  No quarterback.  No thanks.  Not built to win right now. 

Raiders?  Al Davis.  Just win baby.  But only in the manner in which I tell you and with the players that I choose.  You can make the stew, but I’m going to buy the groceries.

Panthers?  Sure, if you can convince your Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck to declare early for the draft and join you. 

Dolphins?  They’ve embarrassed themselves by talking to you after telling Tony Sporano he’ll be their coach next year.  Isn’t that like asking the really cute girl to go the prom as a backup and then asking the really hot homecoming queen to go as well right in front of the cute girl’s face?

Broncos?  Makes the most sense to me.  Good place to be when you’re winning.  Quarterback could be an issue.  But John Elway is a Stanford guy and he’s back on board in Denver. 

I think he has a good clue right now where he wants to go, but if I’m Harbaugh I play it for all it’s worth.  Let everyone wine and dine me.  And then go back to Stanford.  He’s got a great quarterback and a team that can challenge for an NCAA championship next season. 

And after next season, who knows.  Maybe Lovie Smith goes 7 and 9 in Chicago.  And Harbaugh becomes next head coach of his former team ‘Da Bears.  The last former Bears player to become coach of the team.Mike DitkaHarbaugh’s coach.