My Brother's Eyesight- Seeing Realignment Now

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jun 11, 2010 8:19 AM CDT

Just now my younger brother showed me his new reading glasses for the first time and said &ldquo;As if you need any more fodder&rdquo;</P>That phrase fits the whole realignment thing too.&#160; From San Francisco to Atlanta, from orangebloods to hey-Lew-Perkins-is-retiring-next-year there is something going on, something new to speculate about every hour.</P>The questions I have right now, late Thursday, June 10, 2010 are:</P>1.Is Texas (as reported by KCTV in Kansas City) really interested in the Big Ten?</P>2.Is Texas A&amp;M (as reported by really considering a move to the SEC without Texas?</P>3.Are OU and OSU waiting on Texas to say &ldquo;Hey, let&rsquo;s go to the Pac-10.&rdquo;?</P>4.Will the multi-billion dollar Permanent University Fund that endows Texas and Texas A&amp;M be in any jeopardy whatsoever if Texas Tech and Baylor aren&rsquo;t going to the same destination as the Longhorns and/or Aggies? (some Texas lawmakers will try this tactic, but)</P>For what it&rsquo;s worth, some sources tell me Missouri knows it screwed things up by being so open and somewhat critical of fellow Big 12 members a month ago when the whole Big Ten expansion thing first hit.&#160; Over-inflated self-worth is never a good look, especially in black and gold.&#160; </P>I don&rsquo;t think Texas is really interested in the Big Ten.</P>I think if Gene Stallings (A&amp;M regent, former national title coach at Alabama) has his way, Texas A&amp;M will leave for the SEC.</P>I think OU and OSU are waiting on Texas, but both know they&rsquo;ll have options.&#160; What might be really interesting is if the Sooners and Cowboys are in different super conferences.&#160; Would it work?</P>Finally, I think I&rsquo;d like to know how to personally tap into the Permanent University Fund.&#160; Those Texas lawmakers won&rsquo;t really keep it from UT and A&amp;M, they&rsquo;ll just make plenty of political noise about it.</P>By the way, I used restraint.&#160; So what if my younger brother needs glasses just to read little words.&#160; It doesn&rsquo;t mean I HAVE to gig him about it.&#160; By the way, Dave, that&rsquo;s gig, as in &ldquo;Gig &lsquo;em Ags.&rdquo;&#160; Check it out soon under &ldquo;New SEC Chants.&rdquo;</P>