Tulsa Mother Searching For Answers After Son's Murder

Thursday, March 31st 2011, 9:10 pm
By: News On 6

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Tulsa family says they have no idea what happened to their loved one, Kendrich Shelton.

They only know someone shot him and left him in field to die. So, not only are they planning a funeral, but they have so many questions.

Kendrich's family says he graduated from Union high school last year and had just enrolled in TCC to study business. He was the oldest of five boys and has a big, close-knit family that is now in shock.

His family says Kendrich was known for what they call his big Kool-aid smile. His mother says he was a great brother to his siblings and an outgoing, caring young man.

"I can't believe this, just seems like I'm in a nightmare, waiting to wake up," KayKay, Kendrich's mother, said.

Kendrich had a long heart to heart talk with his mother Monday night and gave her an extra long hug, before being picked up by a friend.

Police say Kendrich was either walking or running down a sidewalk on North Quaker about midnight when someone shot him several times and left him there to be found the next morning as kids were catching the school bus.

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"What monster would shoot my baby down like that and then just leave him there all that time?" KayKay said.

Police don't know yet who did it or why. Kendrich's family say he was too trusting and they had warned him about some of the people he was hanging out with, that it could lead to trouble for him.

The not knowing is hard.

"I think it would help us if we knew what happened. We don't know anything, just that he's not here anymore," Keisha, his cousin, said.

They are desperately asking people who do know something to come forward and tell police. They hope God works on the killer's heart, so he might turn himself in.

"No, it won't bring my baby back, but I want to look that person in the eyes and ask, why, why did you take my baby's life?" KayKay said.

Police say they got some good information through the Crime Stoppers tip line, but they need more, so they're asking those people who called, to call back with additional information.

That tip line is answered out of country and there's no way anyone can find out who calls. The number is 918-596-COPS.