Oklahoma Family Flees Cairo To Find Safe Place To Deliver Baby

Sunday, March 6th 2011, 11:12 pm
By: News On 6

Dan Bewley, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- One of Oklahoma's own is headed back to Egypt this week, after fleeing the country with his pregnant wife in late January. Jordan Stone left nearly everything behind in Cairo, but now he's going back to get his belongings and move to another city in the Middle East.

Jordan is a Coweta native but was working as a consultant near Cairo when the protests began. Jordan is now back in Oklahoma with his wife and daughter, but the path they took to get back to the U.S. was quite the odyssey.

"We fled a revolution in the desert of Egypt to get give birth in a blizzard in Dallas," Jordan said.

Within days of the beginning of the uprising, Jordan said he knew Cairo wasn't a safe place to be and that he needed to get his pregnant wife back to the U.S.

He quickly went to the airport only to find the government had shut down the credit card machines and learned they may be stuck there for hours.

"We had no cars, we had a military curfew, and we had guys, supposedly, running around with machetes outside," Jordan said.

The couple eventually boarded a plane but Jordan's wife, Kristina, was nine months pregnant and the airline wouldn't let her fly without a note from her doctor. That's where a small prescription note came in to play. Kristina's doctor sent her a note giving her permission to fly. Jordan said the doctor even lied a bit, saying Kristina was only eight months pregnant.

"That we got out, it was all God," Kristina said.

The Stone's adventure took them from Egypt to Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam to Dallas where a rare blizzard was waiting and little Annabelle was born.

Both mom and dad said Annabelle will have quite the story to tell when she gets older. For now the Stones said they are grateful to be back with family and amazed at their life's journey.

"We had to take a little time for it to soak in. Now it feels real, but at the time it was just scary and unpredictable," Kristin said.

Both Jordan and his brother are going back to Egypt this week to collect his belongings and move out of the country.

Jordan said the experience has made him appreciate even more the freedoms in the U.S.