Back By Popular Demand: LeAnne Taylor Sings 'Snowklahoma'

Friday, February 11th 2011, 8:30 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Six in the Morning's LeAnne Taylor has been getting a lot of emails asking her to perform "Snowklahoma!" after two rounds of winter weather.

After days of preparation, she sang it live on Friday Six in the Morning show on News On 6.

Here are the lyrics:

Where the cold front's sweeping' down the plain

And the piles of sleet, beneath your feet

Follow right behind the freezing rain.


Every night my honey lamb and I

Travel home from work and hope some jerk

Doesn't wreck our car in passing by!

We know we belong to the land

But it could use some more salt and more sand

That's why we say...WHOA!

We're the sliding the other way...YIKES!

We're only saying'

You're slick as snot SNOWklahoma



SNOWklahoma, SNOW-K!

Watch the video above.