Tulsa City Employee Runs Hot In The Coldest Weather

Wednesday, February 9th 2011, 5:15 pm
By: News On 6

During this record winter storm and bitter cold, most folks are bundled up, but not everyone. Tulsa Public Works employee Paul Strizek was all over the news last week in a short-sleeved polo shirt – and not even a hat.

So we tracked him down to ask him about it.

While other people were bundled up but still looked cold and uncomfortable, Paul Strizek…didn't.

"Yes I've had a lot of people ask me ‘hey, why don't you have a coat or a long sleeve shirt?'" said Tulsa Public Works employee Paul Strizek.

Every TV interview he's done he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

Rick Wells: "Aren't you cold?
"Paul Strizek: "The answer is: no, I'm not cold."
Rick Wells: "Really? I'm cold; that guy's cold; those folks walking across the street look very cold. So what's the deal with you?"
Paul Strizek: "I think it started about 20 years ago."

He says he began to notice cold didn't bother him.  He googled it not long ago and found lots of information.  He printed off a couple of articles on other people doing inhuman things in very cold temps.

"The fact of the matter is I do get cold," he said.  But not right now.

We talked to Dr Charles Foulks, chief of internal medicine at OU Medical School in Tulsa. He told us there's no named condition or syndrome for this.  Some people's metabolisms produce more heat.  Or their peripheral nerves, the ones closest to the skin's surface, read cold differently. 

Strizek said he had a windbreaker behind the seat somewhere.  He hasn't worn it yet - not cold enough.

Rick Wells: "Some said you were driving around with the air conditioner on the other day."
Paul Strizek: "I had it on the other day. It got a little warm. I had to cool off."

The upside he told me he's saving money on winter coats.

With below-zero temperatures forecast for overnight Thursday, maybe Paul Strizek will finally decide to don his windbreaker in the morning.