Owasso Trying To Dig Out From More Than 20 Inches Of Snow

Thursday, February 3rd 2011, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

OWASSO, Oklahoma -- More people across Oklahoma are getting out and trying to clear away the snow. It will be a tough task in Owasso, which got 21 inches of snow.

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In towns across Oklahoma, like Owasso, there are signs of recovery. More people are out driving. The mail is being delivered.  Emergency crews are having a much better time getting around. People are reclaiming vehicles.  The donut shop is open again and the big dig is well underway.

"There are a few things I would rather be doing, but you've got to get it done. It's not going to warm up anytime soon," Scott McDaniel said.

With that "can do" or just "must do" spirit, plenty of people are digging out.

Owasso had 21 inches of snow. That's more than many people have ever seen from an Oklahoma snowstorm.

"Not in Oklahoma. No. Not this much snowfall," Jane McLoughlin said.

Jane McLoughlin and her neighbor across the street Scott McDaniel are among hundreds of people trying to clear their driveways.

"Trying to get us dug out the best I can," McDaniel said.

All over town, snow removal crews are hard at work, including at a place critical for snowbound survivors of our winter storm, the movie rental place.

"The snow had piled up into drifts blocking our entrance and exits at about four feet high," Ryan Harnden, with Family Video, said.

There are snow drifts like that remaining all over town, and towering piles of snow that are much taller. But the roads are better, and people are steadily making progress.

"It was about as tall as my shovel right there," McDaniel said.

A little further north of Owasso, in Collinsville, many of the main roads are totally cleared, and city crews and private contractors have done a very good job clearing many of the side streets as well.

While there is a lot of cleanup still ahead, one good thing is that Collinsville's city owned electric company didn't have any power outages.

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