Who Are The Members Of Oklahoma School Board?

Friday, January 28th 2011, 7:39 pm
By: News On 6

Emory Bryan, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Friday saw more calls for the resignation of state school board member Herb Rozell. He's the one who called a pregnant woman "worthless" in the meeting Thursday.

Rozell apologized, but says he won't resign.

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So who are the members of the board? The work of the state school board is usually under the radar, but a lot of people have noticed after Thursday's meeting.

The new superintendent and the full board were present for Thursday's meeting in Oklahoma City.

The Board of Education has 7 Members. The elected Superintendent is the chair and the members are appointed.

The appointments are made by the Governor, and confirmed by the State Senate. There's 1 per Congressional District, plus an at large member. Each serves a 6 year, staggered term, with a new appointment each April 2.

The next appointment will be the first made by Governor Fallin. Former Governor Henry was in office long enough to appoint the entire current board.

Next off the board is Tulsa's representative. Tim Gilpin is at the end of his term, but will be replaced by someone from the district.

"That's really important because, for instance, I represent Congressional District 1, and each district has a representative on the board. It's our job to make sure things are being run right," Gilpin said.

Herb Rozell represents Tahlequah and District 2. He's a former teacher and now retired by longtime State Senator.

Betsy Mabry is from Enid and a career science teacher and one time state teacher of the year.

Sue Ann was appointed from Ardmore. She taught for two years in the 1950's and since has been a community volunteer.

Gail Foresee of Shawnee is a teacher and Guidance Counselor.

The at large member is Gayle Miles-Scott of Oklahoma City. She's a college professor and Certified Public Accountant.

It was Gilpin and Senator Rozell who engaged Superintendent Barressi Thursday, but the board as a whole voted to reject her employees and set a special meeting to discuss it further.