Crews Fix Major East Tulsa Water Line Break

Thursday, January 6th 2011, 9:33 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- An east Tulsa water main break that had flooded several residential streets Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning has been repaired at least for now. 

City of Tulsa Water Department crews were on scene Thursday morning to stop the flow of water from a 36-inch water main near 26th and Mingo. 

Crews were attempting to repair a small water leak at the location on Wednesday when the water main busted, causing a massive leak. 

In his 23 years with the City of Tulsa, Blaine Parnell said it was the second biggest break he's seen.

"A lot of water going through this line. This is the main transmission line to the residential areas to get them water," he said.

Water poured out for nearly twenty hours before crews could stop it.  The city says it will take two weeks to replace the line that broke.

Meanwhile, neighbors are dealing with the aftermath.

"It was crazy, it was like a flood," Cathy Denton, a neighbor, said.  "My kids can't be out on the street with the bike or anything, so it's a little frustrating."

Officials say no one ever lost water service, but some residents did experience low pressure. 

The water line is pretty old. It was laid down in 1971, so despite this massive break, Parnell says it actually held up well.

Once the right parts come in, the city can finish the job. Until then, keep in mind the detour through this neighborhood.