Frozen Turkey!

Friday, November 19th 2010, 1:31 pm
By: News On 6

Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday. Who doesn't like to eat and watch football all day, and all night? My big, Italian family always gathers at my Uncle Vince's house Thanksgiving day, where we consume oven roasted turkey, deep fried turkey, turkey soup, stuffing, filling (yes, there is a difference between this and stuffing!), at least three different kinds of potatoes, baked corn, just about every casserole you can think of and countless desserts. We then eat again that I said, Italian!

Anyway, the air temperature can have a big impact on the cooking process if you are deep frying your turkey. Cold air could affect how long it takes your deep frying oil to heat up, or fuel consumption to keep that oil hot enough to fry your bird. Believe me, there will be enough cold air to go around Thanksgiving day.

A subzero air mass across northern Canada and the Arctic Circle will dislodge over the weekend, and begin dropping south over central and southern Canada. While the air mass will warm as it sink south, it will still bring below zero temperatures to the Northern Plains Monday morning. From there, it's a straight shot down the Plains, though the coldest air will be shunted east across the Great Lakes. Nevertheless, once the vanguard of the colder air reaches Oklahoma Wednesday, you won't be able to tell that the coldest air missed us - you'll be too busy chattering your teeth and trying to stay warm! Wednesday's lows will be in the 30s with afternoon highs in the 40s. Thanksgiving? Even colder! Morning lows in the 20s with afternoon highs in the 30s! Factor in howling north winds and wind chill values will range from the lower teens to the lower 20s.

Needless to say, get the winter weather gear ready for yourself, and the turkey!