Tulsa Petroleum Club Employee Ready To Retire Recalls Club's Rich History

Thursday, November 18th 2010, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- It is rare these days for someone to keep one job for their entire working life.

Pam Sanders has been at the Petroleum Club of Tulsa for almost 45 years experiencing big names, a big fire, and one big police raid that still makes her uncomfortable to talk about.

She showed News On 6 reporter Rick Wells around the place she's called her second home since 1966. She talked about some of her favorite people memories: Anita Bryant, Maureen Reagan, Muhammed Ali, and Barbara Bush.

"And she is a funny lady and just as nice," Pam said.

They looked through old newsletters and bulletins talking about some of the wonderful things that used to happen at the Petroleum Club.

"We'd have 300 for lunch," she said.

She says the men's grill was a big business hub back then.

"Would actually make big business deals just by writing on a Petroleum Club napkin," she said.

As casual as that seems, she says her interview for her job was much more formal.

"For my interview my mother made me wear gloves," she said.

She started work the next day.

Oprah Winfrey crashed a wedding reception at the club a few years back.

"The bride and groom's parents said ‘Oh, Oprah,'" she said.

Anyone in Tulsa in the mid 1990's will remember the night the club caught fire. Her husband told her friends she'd been cooking back in the kitchen.

"Don't be telling anybody I was cooking up there," Pam joked.

Another memory that embarrasses her still is almost 30 years old, the night the police raided the Petroleum Club.

"We were being raided for a Las Vegas night," Pam said.

When asked if she'd been arrested, she said she hid.

"I went to the switchboard and pretended to answer the phones," she said.

Wonderful stories and even better memories. Pam said she'll miss the people the most.

The Petroleum Club has a move planned for next year, a few blocks north to the 44th floor of the First Place Tower at 5th and Boston.