Jenks School Kids Have Tea With Principal

Tuesday, November 9th 2010, 6:07 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

JENKS, Oklahoma -- Some Jenks Kindergartners and first graders got to have lunch with their principal.

Some might think time with the principal is not always pleasant, but for some Jenks Elementary kids tea time with the principal is a reward for good behavior.

Welcome to Tea Party Tuesday at Jenks East Elementary building A. Jennifer McKnight is the principal responsible for Kindergarten and First grade.

"We want to promote the positive relationship with the principal," McKnight said.

Mrs. McKnight says this is a way for her to build a positive relationship with her kids, and for them to get to know her better.

She started the program six years ago, and says it works. It helps create an atmosphere of good behavior which is how the kids got invited.

What works about this is the kids go back and tell their friends; good behavior spreads.

But looking around, I see milk chocolate strawberry, flavored drinks of all kinds, but no tea, it's a tea party, where's the tea?

"The first year we actually had tea at our tea party," McKnight said.

Kindergartners and first graders don't like tea, but they do like hanging out with the principal, so now she bakes cookies instead of brewing tea.

The principal says there are enough tea party slots available that, in theory, everyone would have a chance to be invited during the school year.