Rogers County Residents Hit By Serial Burglars

Tuesday, October 5th 2010, 12:02 pm
By: News On 6 & Ashli Sims, The News On 6

ROGERS COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is investigating a string of brazen burglaries they believe may be connected.

Investigators say there have been at least a dozen burglaries in the last two weeks in the Inola and Verdigris areas.

"It's a pretty small town. And it's odd that it's happening out there," said David Herman.

David Herman and his family were victims of one of the burglaries.

"My wife come home from work about 5:30. And when she come in, she noticed our tv was gone. And the more she got to looking the more stuff she was noticing was gone," Herman said.

Three burglaries happened in one neighborhood on the same night, with thieves getting away with more than $2,000 in CDS, a stun gun, a laptop computer, and an external hard drive.

"It's very frustrating for the victim and us as well," said Joe Batt, Rogers County Investigator.

Investigators say the thieves are mostly going after electronics. But $7,000 in jewelry was stolen from one Inola home.

"Looks like just whatever they have the opportunity to break into - if there's a car sitting there, they'll break into it. If a house is unlocked and there's no one home, they'll go in the house," Batt said.

"Me and my wife both work and we got three kids. So we didn't have a lot to take, but they got all they could," Herman said.

And even though the thieves are gone, their crime has stuck with David Herman's young son.

"My oldest one now runs around and locks the door everytime he walks through," Herman said. "Even if we're turning around and walking right back out again, you'll have to unlock it. Because he done run over there and locked out. It's kind of a bad deal."

So far no suspects have been identified, but investigators are looking for a black, late-model Ford F-150 which was seen fleeing from an attempted burglary.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office say they are increasing patrols in the area. They're asking anyone with information about the case to contact them at 918-341-3620.