Residents At Subsidized Skiatook Apartment Complex Protest Eviction Notices

Monday, October 4th 2010, 9:05 pm
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, The News On 6

SKIATOOK, OKLAHOMA -- A group of senior citizens and disabled Oklahomans say they are being kicked to the curb.

Residents of a subsidized apartment complex in the community of Skiatook claim they are only being given a week to vacate.

Residents will be allowed to move back in after their apartments are renovated. But relatives say a move, even a temporary one, is impossible for many of the disabled and elderly.

The boxes are piling up in Kathleen Patillo's apartment. The 71-year-old has lived in her apartment for five years, but says she's been given one week to get out. But because she's lost a leg and has no one to help her, she says that will be tough to accomplish.

"I don't have anybody. I've buried my entire family except for my son," Pattillo said.

Kathleen and the other three dozen or so residents of Jenny Lynn Apartments all received a letter from the manager Saturday. It states that the property's owner is giving, "every single resident a week to vacate the premises completely."

"Disbelief. Mad. I got so mad I could have bit nails," Pattillo said. "It was awful. I was madder than an old wet hen."

Kathleen will move to a nearby apartment complex. Residents say they'll will be allowed back to Jenny Lynn in 30 to 60 days after their apartments are renovated.

Still, the temporary move is a challenge for people like Bobby Coyle. His mother, brother and aunt live at the complex.

"She has no clue where she's going to go, but she's trusting me," Coyle said. "Thank God she loves me and trusts me. But my brother has no place to go."

Some residents have protested the short notice. Kathleen has contacted a lawyer. She says she'll move, but believes she should have been given more time to pack her things.

"What choice have you got? You haven't got a lot of choice," she said. "You're a senior citizen. Some people care and some people don't."

Kathleen Patillo's lawyer believes the seven day notice violates the Oklahoma Landlord and Tenant Act, which requires that 30 days be given.

Calls to the Green Company, which owns the Jenny Lynn apartments, were not returned.