Pipe Bomb Found In Sapulpa School Classroom Was Inert

Friday, September 24th 2010, 10:59 am
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan and NewsOn6.com

SAPULPA, OKLAHOMA -- The Sapulpa High School, Junior High and Woodlawn Elementary School were evacuated after school officials say a suspicious device had been found in a classroom at Junior High School. 

The Tulsa Police Bomb Squad determined the device was not a threat.

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Sapulpa Public School Superintendent Dr. Mary Webb said the district decided to evacuate three schools as a precaution and notified police. Police tell The News On 6 the pipe bomb was found in a classroom in the Junior High School.  

Statement from Dr. Mary Webb sent to parents:

...this morning at 9:15 am students from Woodlawn Elementary were evacuated from the building . This occurred as a safety precaution because a suspicious device was discovered in a junior high classroom. Woodlawn students are being relocated to the Middle School while the Junior High / High School complex is carefully checked by law enforcement.

Parents who wish to pick their student up early, may drive through the bus lane at middle school and students will be released by staff members. Students who remain will be served lunch.

The High School, the Junior High and Woodlawn Elementary are all in close proximity to each other. 

The Tulsa Police bomb squad was called in to assist. 

Sapulpa Police say shortly after 11 a.m. the device was determined to be inert and didn't pose a risk to the school or any of the students. 

When the Tulsa bomb squad responded, they did not immediately determine the pipe was harmless, so they took full precautions in examining and removing the pipe. 

While the bomb squad worked, parents arrived at the school to take their children home.

"The vice principal came on the intercom and said hey teachers at this time you need to evacuate the school and move all the students to the football field, so that's what we did," said Brady Wagner, a student.

The evacuation happened just after the start of school, on a homecoming Friday. The bomb squad made several trips into a junior high science classroom, where the pipe was in a closet. 

The pipe turned out to be harmless, but police still are not sure what it was or why it was there.

"There was no explosive material found. We're unsure of the origin of the device, so far. We're not sure if it's a training prop, an inert device, a hoax device or what, but the investigation will continue to see if we can determine exactly what this device is and what its intended purpose was," said Lt Jamie Noe, Sapulpa Police.

Police tell The News On 6 they're reviewing school surveillance tapes to see if they can determine who put the pipe in the room and when.

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