Bartlesville Community Center Fountain Targeted For Bubbly Prank

Monday, August 2nd 2010, 1:31 pm
By: News On 6

BARTLESVILLE, OK -- Pranksters dumped a large amount of bubble bath into the fountain at the Bartlesville Community Center, causing such a huge quantity of bubbles that it prompted someone to call police.

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The fountain is located in downtown Bartlesville at the corner of Adams Boulevard and Cherokee Avenue.

A News On 6 staffer who lives in Bartlesville says the fountain is a favorite target of pranksters whose modus operandi usually involves dumping bubble bath into the water.  But this time the pranksters may have gone overboard, causing so many bubbles that huge chunks of the suds broke free and blew around the plaza in front of the community center.  Some bubbles even ended up on the church across the street.

A News On 6 user shot video and still photos of the bubbles in action.

The user was there when police officers arrived on the scene and says the officers checked out the fountain, found no damage, then pulled out their cell phones to record the prank.

Dan Gordon, the managing director of the Bartlesville Community Center, said the pranksters did something similar to the fountain just last week.

Gordon said the bubbles don't damage the fountain, but it does cost money to clean up after the pranks.  It takes about four hours to drain the fountain and diverts resources that could be used for other things, according to Gordon.

He understands it's just a prank, but he's ready for it to end.  "I would rather it not be done," said Gordon.