Tulsa Homeowner Shot With His Own Gun After Surprising Two Burglars

Tuesday, July 27th 2010, 2:55 pm
By: News On 6


TULSA, OK --  Two juveniles were in custody Tuesday night, accused of shooting a Tulsa homeowner with his own gun.

Tulsa Police said the victim simply came home at the wrong time.

Neighbors say Wesley Nelson works nearby his Brookside home, and often ate lunch there. On Tuesday, he was greeted by two burglars police say were in the middle of stealing his big-screen television.

"Both suspects saw the victim before he entered the residence," Tulsa Police officer Leland Ashley said. "Both of them ran toward the back room. One of them grabbed the victims 38 caliber weapon which was laying on the dresser or night stand."

They then shot Nelson three times in the upper torso with that weapon. Despite his injuries, he was able to call 911. He was rushed to an area hospital, and immediately underwent surgery. The shooting left neighbors stunned. They say broad daylight break-ins are extremely rare here.

"The time of day is amazing. I just can't believe this, it's real hard," said Ione McDonnell.

"It's a quiet area, it's Brookside. I mean, it's not 61st and Peoria, it's not North Tulsa," Jason Rogers said. "It's a really quiet area."

"They don't think that a good day's work would be any better," said Helen Krieg. "Instead, they're making everyone miserable."

According to his company's website, Nelson has worked in the home improvement business for more than 35 years. His neighbors say he's lived in his Brookside home for more than a decade, and certainly doesn't deserve to go through this.

"We will be praying for him. I hope he gets better and makes it through this. He's a good man," McDonnell said.

After shooting Nelson with his own gun, police say the suspects took the weapon with them.  Nelson's condition is unknown.