PBR Star Ryan McConnel To Face 'Best Ever'

Friday, July 16th 2010, 7:46 pm
By: News On 6

By Tara Vreeland, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- What's it like to climb on the back of a wild animal weighing almost a ton? The Professional Bull Riders are in town and the cowboys make their living doing just that.

One athlete: 160 pounds. His competitor: close to 2,000 pounds of solid muscle. And that competition lasts a whopping eight seconds. But that's an eternity depending on who you ask.

They call it the "Toughest Sport on Earth." Professional bull riding fans come to watch the top 40 in the world try to stay on bulls. One four-year-old black bull has thrown some of the sport's most elite riders into the dirt. Maybe that's why he's named "Best Ever."

"There's something about him. I'm not sure what it is," said Ryan McConnel, who is a professional bull rider.

McConnel, 23, of Coalgate drew the bull. And like a football team studying the opponents' defense, McConnel has studied up on "Best Ever."

"I always kinda get back there and get an eyeful of him. Size them up. Look them up and down," said McConnel.

And he's gunning for the full eight-second ride.

"Hopefully I'm that guy that has something about me to ride him tonight because he's a really good bull. He gets a lot of air. Spins right there at the gate to the left. I believe I can do it, we'll wait and see," said McConnel.

The News On 6 asked "Best Ever" what he thought about Friday night's match. He had no comment other than to let his bucking do the talking.

McConnel is ranked sixth in the world right now.

Friday night events start at 8:00 at The BOK Center and there are still tickets available. But if you can't make it to see if McConnel or "Best Ever" wins, you can watch it streaming live.

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