Pinto World Championships Build Friendship, Competition in Two Local Ladies

Wednesday, June 9th 2010, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

TULSA---The Pinto World Championships are a lot of pressure for young competitors like Kiley Ritchie of Tulsa and Madison Vance of Pawnee, but for the most important thing is their friendship.

‘We've been friend since 2007,' said Madison, who was riding her horse Ritzy in the Walk/Trot English Pleasure event, ‘we met at this horse show, it'll be our three-year anniversary. We just kind of have fun and hang out.'

They joke and laugh during practice, but competing in the arena it's all business. But the friends manage to keep everything in its proper perspective.

‘It's not all about just winning,' said Kiley, who was riding Rumor, ‘and we just want to keep our friendship strong and not let our placings get in the way of our friendship.'

The girl's mothers, Regina Ritchie and Karen Vance are proud of the way their girls handle the competition.

‘They love showing, don't get me wrong,' said Regina, ‘but the big part is hanging out with their friends.'

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