Beware Of Counterfeit Tulsa State Fair Mega Ride Passes

Tuesday, September 22nd 2009, 5:16 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- The Tulsa State Fair starts October 1st and Mega Ride Passes have been on sale since August. Before you buy one, you need to know counterfeit passes are also for sale.

Buyers need to beware of anyone selling Mega Ride Passes someplace other than at the Tulsa County fairgrounds office.

Kids can print them at school. People sell them in parking lots. If you buy a counterfeit pass, not only will you waste your money, but you could end up in jail.

The Mega Ride Pass can be a money saver for people who plan to ride lots of rides during the fair.

When you buy a pass, it covers your admission to the fair every day and lets you ride all the rides every day except Sky Rides and Extreme Rides.

When you go to the Expo Square to buy the Mega Ride Pass, they used to give you a voucher, but now they take your picture and create an ID card.

You take that ID card to the state fair each day and they'll give you that day's wristband.

The hope is that this process cuts down on counterfeit vouchers and wristbands.

"The lay person who's buying it off the street doesn't know the difference between the real thing and the fake thing," said Sgt. Mark Stevens, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Some of the counterfeit wristbands were high quality last year, while some of the vouchers were pretty sloppy.

The one way to guarantee you are getting the real deal is to buy the pass only at the Expo Square -- not at school, not from someone in the parking lot -- nowhere but the fair office.

"If you didn't buy it at the fair, it's not real," said Sgt. Mark Stevens.

If you end up with counterfeit passes or wristbands, deputies have no way to know if you made them or bought them, so they have to treat everyone the same, which means a trip downtown in a squad car.

"There's nothing they can do and somebody's probably going to jail for attempting to defraud the fairgrounds," said Sgt. Mark Stevens.

If you bring a coke can to the Expo office, you'll save $5 off the cost of a Mega Ride Pass.

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