Oklahomans In Congress Ready For Presidential Address

Wednesday, September 9th 2009, 3:55 pm
By: News On 6

News On 6

UNDATED -- Oklahoma's members of Congress will be listening to President Obama's speech. 

Congresswoman Mary Fallin says she hopes people listening realize there are several different ways to go about health care reform.

"There are many plans that are circulating through Congress. There are very many specific pieces of legislation. Senator Tom Coburn has a great health insurance reform plan that would create better access to care, allow small businesses to pull together individuals to have access to that care.  It has preventative health care in it.  There's several plans in the House of Representatives.  There's not just one piece of health care reform that is President Obama's there are many other ideas that are in the US Congress but it's just that Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid won't let those plans come to the floor," said Congresswoman Mary Fallin of Oklahoma.

The News On 6 will have reaction from Fallin and Congressman Dan Boren on Thursday.