Tulsa Police: Divine Intervention Led To Sex Offender's Arrest

Thursday, August 13th 2009, 9:32 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- The two Tulsa Police officers who discovered Marcus Berry, Sr. with the 2-year-old girl say it's pretty incredible they even found her. 

The officers discovered Berry and the little girl before the call even went out that she was missing.  If it weren't for a glance out of the corner of an eye, they might have driven right on by.

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The officers weren't searching for an abducted child. They weren't trying to match a suspect description. They were just patrolling an unfamiliar road.

"A lot of what we do is good cop instinct. And, a lot of it is luck. Last night had nothing to do with both. It was divine intervention, completely," said Tulsa Police Officer Mark Wollmershauser, Jr.

Officer Mark Wollmershauser, Jr. says a divine hand steered him and his partner Officer Stephanie Blann to a deserted gravel road.

Officers say they barely saw Marcus Berry's truck that was parked far off the road. They say 30 minutes later, it would have been dark. With all of the tall grass in the area, they never would have seen it.

But, Officer Wollmershauser caught sight of a tail light out of the corner of his eye.  The two officers approached the truck and said they knew immediately something wasn't right.

"He was acting really weird, and at one point, put it in reverse. So, we thought he was gonna flee or run us over. We had no idea there was a kid in the car," said Tulsa Police Officer Stephanie Blann.

"I see his pants are undone. Still, don't see the little girl. Just ask him what's going on. And then, he finally tells me he's with the little girl, and it all clicked. And, got really awful at that point," said Tulsa Police Officer Mark Wollmershauser, Jr.

He says he grabbed Berry and Blann scooped up the baby girl.

"She was as sweet as anything. And, she looked up at us. And, Officer Blann got her from the passenger side and got her outta the truck and just held on to her," said Tulsa Police Officer Mark Wollmershauser, Jr.

And, that's when the call crackled across the police radio.

"They put the call out and her clothing description. And, I was looking right at her. Everything matched," said Tulsa Police Officer Stephanie Blann.

The little girl is now home with her family.  The suspect is behind bars.  And, two Tulsa Police officers are being called heroes.           

"More than likely they saved this little girl's life or who knows what they prevented. But, because they did a good job we got this child back," said Tulsa Police Sgt. John Adams.

Both officers shrug off the hero talk.  But, they are frustrated that a two-time convicted sex offender would even have the opportunity to hurt another victim.