Superheroes Concert Draws Fans to River Parks Amphitheater

Wednesday, July 8th 2009, 4:04 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell,

TULSA,OK -- The River Parks Amphitheater hosted its fourth concert in the 2009 Starlight Concert series Tuesday night.

"A Tribute to Super Heroes" featured the theme music of Superman, Batman, Spiderman as well as newer additions to the superhero roster, such as the Incredibles.

Under the direction of L. Dale Barnett, the Starlight Band also played some the works by musical superheroes Bach and Beethoven. 

"Everyone dreams when they're a kid of being a superhero," said Dixie Bohannon with the Starlight concerts, "and it's just so much fun to hear that music. You hear that music and you remember like when you were a kid."

Everyone seemed to love the musical selections, though there were varying opinions as to who was the best superhero.

"Superman had all the super powers," pointed out John Sharp, "he could fly and see through walls."

Younger audience members seemed to gravitate more towards Spiderman and Batman.

"Batman...all the gadgets," said Jake Carlson, "I've learned this special little tidbit that in a last ditch defense he's rigged his suit so that it will produce 10,000 volts as a last defense."

For more of this scintillating discussion watch the video.

For more information on the upcoming free concerts visit the Starlight Concerts web site here.