DTV Transition And Your Antenna

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 4:33 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley and Terry Hood, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Friday's the day when all television signals will be broadcast digitally.  The News On 6 and our sister station made the switch in February.  But, we've been on partial power this week in preparation for the official change.

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If you're receiving broadcast signals over the air, it is important to pick the right antenna for you converter box.

There are several choices when it comes to selecting a TV antenna, from traditional looking antennas that sit on top of your television to flat, square antennas or even large antennas that look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

"This could be used in the attic, on a pole mount, or this could be used on the roof on a pole mount," said Joel Reed of Video Revolution.

Reed says it all depends on where you live as to what size antenna you need.

Think of it this way, the tower that transmits The News On 6 signal is located in Coweta near Highway 51.  Your antenna must be big enough to receive the transmission.

Reed says small antennas work fine in city limits, but the farther away from the tower you live, the uglier the better.

"If you live out in the rural areas you're going to need a larger antenna for the most part. Maybe something like an attic antenna or an antenna on the roof, something that has a 50 or 100 mile range," said Joel Reed.

To make sure your antenna is connected you'll want to use your converter box remote control and go through the menu to settings, in some remotes you'll find functions, then look for signal strength.

If you're not sure what size antenna you need, there is an antenna website that can help.  Just enter your zip code to find a color-coded system that corresponds with different television stations.

Find the colors you need, then look for the sticker on the antenna box in the store.

If you have any questions after the switch on Friday, you can call the The News On 6 at 732-6000 and talk with our DTV experts on Saturday and Sunday.

More information is also available on's DTV page.